• Evaluate your horse’s current body condition and overall health
  • Calculate your horse’s energy needs for their workload
  • Create an individualized feeding plan
  • Ongoingly adjust diet to reach health and performance goals
  • On-site or long distance consultations

Organic Horse Products


  • No fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients
  • Offering USDA Organic and Non-GMO horse products
  • Proven competitive success, including the FEI levels
  • Helping metabolic issues, chronic ulcers and colic
  • A diet built around how horses live naturally

The Whole Foods Approach

Using whole foods means using authentic foods; they have not been processed and no additives have been mixed in with them.

In a much more globalized environment where ingredients are being supplied from all over the world, it is increasingly important to know the origin of these ingredients. The country of origin often determines the quality of the ingredients and in animal feed only when feed consists of a single ingredient, this information is required to be revealed by the manufacturer.

Using single ingredients gives you this crucial information and allows you to control what you put in your horse’s feed. It enables you to avoid certain pesticides and herbicides as well as possible toxins and heavy metals that may be present in the soils of certain regions.

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Available Products

These are the highest quality products I have found through research and used with my own horses. I’ve personally seen the results from using these superior nutrition sources and that’s why I include them in my patented Wholefoods Approach to feeding horses. I am an objective researcher and do not rep for, receive commission from, or have to fulfill quotas for any of these companies. It’s important to me as a scientist and researcher to not be indebted to any particular company, so that you trust that when I recommend a change in diet for your horse, and create an individually balanced recipe for feeding them, that I here for the same reason you are – to make your horse’s life better.

Follow the links to learn more about the specific products, why I do what I do, and to get your FREE equine nutrition consultation.

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