Redmond Rock Salt Products

Naturally Mineralized Salt for Horses

Redmond Rock is a natural sea salt for horses containing 6O+ trace minerals, sourced from an ancient sea bed near the town of Redmond in Utah. I recommend this mineral salt for horses over others because it has the highest purity of salts and minerals on the market, and I’ve seen the benefit in my clients’ horses and my own. I recommend both their loose salt mixture and their salt licks. How to choose between loose salt and mineral blocks – article

Where Does the Salt Come From?

In Southern Utah, an ancient sea evaporated leaving behind a rich mineral deposit. The salt that settled at the bottom of the sea was trapped within the earth and over time was pushed up towards the surface near the town of Redmond, Utah.

Redmond Rock™ is a natural, non-processed sea salt containing 6O+ trace minerals present in that ancient sea, giving the salt its unique color, flavor and numerous health benefits. Because this deposit comes from an ancient sea bed, the salt was created by nature long before the earth experienced pollution and contamination due to humans, which are now troubling the salts from oceans today.

The Redmond salt deposit begins about 3O feet below the surface and is covered by a layer of bentonite clay, which has protected it from erosion and from the possible modern day contamination. This is how they have the highest purity rating for any salt for horses on the market today.

Currently Available

50 lb bags - granulated
44 lb salt licks

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