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My focus is getting you and your horse the right advice by putting your horse first – and that’s why I offer a free equine nutrition consultation to anyone who wants to double check their horse’s nutrition. I believe that no one should be stuck with questions and not have access to the answers.

I am not sponsored or hired to represent any company. There are no quotas or commissions. I specifically don’t represent any particular company because I want to stay objective and independently source the products which I personally use and stand behind.

You can be confident that I’m here for the same reason you are – to help your horse thrive!

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“I had Karen create a nutritional plan for my horse and was so impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough she was in putting together something very specific to my horse’s needs. My horse’s coat and hooves look great and he has lots of “happy” energy without any tension. I am absolutely thrilled with Karen’s help and I only wish I had contacted her sooner. I wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else for nutritional advice!”

B. Fogler
Toronto, ON


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When do you need an equine nutritionist’s help?

– When your horse’s lifestyle changes (new barn, new training regimen, new rider/owner)

– When you notice changes in your horse (hotter or colder than normal, weight gain or loss)

– When your horse is not acting like themselves (or just seems “off”)

– When your horse gets sick or gets diagnosed with a metabolic disease

– When you want to avoid feeding myths, misinformation, or unreliable sources

– When seasons change, especially springtime, when your horse’s body is experiencing many changes

– And once a year at minimum you should have a professional evaluate your horse’s diet


Read more about what equine nutritionists can do for you in this article by the KER.




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