Happy Horses, Happy Owners!

I had Karen create a nutritional plan for my horse and was so impressed with how knowledgeable and thorough she was in putting together something very specific to my horse’s needs. Because Karen does not work for a feed or supplement company, she was completely unbiased in her recommendations and created a menu that is highly nutritional with no added filler. As a result, my horse’s coat and hooves look great and he has lots of “happy” energy without any tension. I am absolutely thrilled with Karen’s help and advice and I only wish I had contacted her sooner. I wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else for nutritional advice!

B. Fogler
Toronto, ON

My horse was underweight and  his coat was dull when I  purchased him in August. After doing some research as to the best  supplement to add to his diet, I chose Coolstance. I started him on Cool Stance 2 months ago and I am very pleased with the results.  His coat is shiny and he has put on weight.  I am on a maintenance dose and love that it provides cool energy and I don’t have to load him up with grain.

I would recommend this product to other horse enthusiasts!

Julie Snyder
Milton, GA

My farrier recommended Coolstance after using it on his own horses. I contacted Karen and can tell you that Coolstance has done only good things for my horse! I am using it as a supplement and within only 6 weeks there were some remarkable changes in the hoof quality of my horse. We were able to put on a bigger shoe size as well as healing quarter cracks which had been present for a long time. Since I added Coolstance to the diet of my horse, he has kept his weight at a consistent level and his coat has become shiny and healthy looking even during the cold months without access to fresh grass. I continue to recommend Coolstance to my fellow horse owners, because of the positive effects I continue to see in my horse.

Sammy Podolin
Alpharetta, GA

This horse has only been in my care for 4 months. I started giving him flaxseed and Coolstance as supplements at merely 1/3 cup per day. The results are amazing. The first image is taken in  November, the second image in February. It inspired me to look more closely at the feed I was giving my horses and into the ingredients of it. I have now changed my whole barn to a whole food diet put together by Karen, customized to each horse’s needs.

The results are astounding both in the physical and mental condition of the horses. I could not be more happy and it is worth investing a little time and money into the health and wel-being of my and my clients horses!

Dana Karan
Roswell, GA

These horses are Wiskey and Lucky. They both receive 2/3 cup of Coolstance a day as a supplement and it has turned them around. Their coat, feet, hoof quality have greatly improved as well as their overall demeanor.

Lucky, the pony would for many years go into summer with some of his winter coat. He would not shed out and the hair he had was very coarse and dull. This picture is two months after him getting Cool Stance twice a day. Amazing!!

Greg Goodall
Canton, GA