Primary Benefits of Chia


Gives 2x the Omega-3 content as flax (anti-inflammatory) 


Provides a complete amino acid profile including Lysine and Proline, which is key for collagen production 


Has a higher antioxidant content than blueberries!


Why I use Stablefeed

When I’m designing custom diets for my horses and my clients’ horses, one of my biggest focuses is on providing clean and wholesome nutrition options to horse owners so they can retain or restore health in their equine partners. 

Stablefeed produces high value, nutrient dense foods to meet specific nutritional targets for optimal health in your horse, and is backed by peer reviewed studies, input from nutritionists and veterinarians, and counsel from researchers.

The mucilage the seeds produce (chia gel) supports digestion for metabolic horses and also supports the removal of small particle debris like sand from the gut, making chia an excellent alternative to psyllium.

As a certified equine nutritionist, I know how hard it can be for owners to tell trends from legitimate nutrition advice, 
so I appreciate companies that emphasize their peer reviewed studies like this, and focus on the nutritional value in their products first. I’ve been using Stablefeed to help support health in horses that have issues including: 

  • Ulcers (especially using the papaya chia) 
  • Immune support issues, breathing and skin allergies (using chia spirulina)
  • Hives, fungal/skin infections
  • Metabolic horses (using the chia prickly pear)
  • Weight gain or loss goals
  • Healthy skin, hair, gut, bone and hoof goals


Why I Believe in the Company


Stablefeed uses minimally processed, science backed decisions to create their products. And they’ve depended on nutritionists like me, along with vets, researchers, and peer-reviewed tests to help develop and tweak their nutritional pairings and combinations of nutrients that work together at an anatomical level, creating a synergy that may improve health and performance over supplements fed in isolation.

Their products include loose and biscuit versions, and appetizing flavors like papaya, spirulina, prickly pear, carrot, and blueberry.  

Stablefeed uses pure and effective ingredients – a huge core nutritional value of mine! Their products are formulated with studied combinations of organic and minimally processed superfoods that work synergistically to support the body systems for functional and foundational equine health.