Medicine Bag Complete

What used to be available naturally in forage, we’ve captured in a container.

In a natural, unspoiled environment horses get their minerals, vitamins and enzymes from plants grown in nutrient rich soils. In todays world, due to depletion, the nutrient levels in grasses, herbs and legumes are inadequate.

Foundation is the key

Any horse whose foundation is based upon what would be found in a natural environment is able to breed, conceive, perform and thrive at an optimum level.

Medicine Bag Complete provides a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in a form your horse can assimilate.

Why MBC Is So Important

The body functions best when vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are available in the right form and at optimum levels. Most products provide sufficient levels, but rarely the proper form. Our unique formula is based on both, placing the importance on the form. For instance, most products contain minerals in the carbonate form. Minerals in the carbonate form are absorbed at 8%, leaving 92% of it unusable. The chelated form is only slightly better with a 35% assimilation rate. This is where we stand out from the rest. In the MBC we have amino acids attached to the chelate increasing them from 35% to approximately 85% assimilation rate. The effect upon the entire body and mind is substantial.

‘Foundation is the Key’

The mind of a horse is rarely addressed in relationship to proper nutrition. When proper nutrients are available the mind becomes unobstructed and clear so the horse can now process outside stimuli properly. There is also a calming effect upon the mind.

The organs when functioning correctly affect the muscles, ligaments and tendons, bone, tissue, fat, and even more subtle aspects of the physiology of the horse. For example, muscle, when out of balance, is either underdeveloped or overdeveloped. Underdeveloped muscle creates stamina problems and lack of proper strength to perform. Overdeveloped muscle taxes the system and restricts proper fluid movement. Ligament and tendon elasticity is only possible when the horse is in a balanced state. Movement again is restricted when the integrity of these has been compromised resulting in bowed tendons, torn ligaments, etc. Bones will also become weak showing hairline fractures, breaks, chips, splints and pocketing due to lack of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D3.

Our formula features several characteristics that are extremely beneficial to your animal’s health.  We know of no other product that includes our distinctive blend of key enzymes, which are vital in boosting feed efficiency and mineral utilization. Medicine Bag Complete contains a proprietary yeast blend, responsible for increased palatability and digestibility; providing additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids; and offering digestive and cellular enzymes.

Our product offers a balance of critical primary minerals in the proper form (necessary for optimum absorption) and level. Calcium strengthens the skeletal system, controls muscle contraction, helps transmit nerve impulses, and influences metabolism. Magnesium is necessary for the assimilation of calcium and impacts muscle relaxation. Zinc is the most important nutrient for the immune system. Phosphorus is essential for teeth and bones, controls pH, and is involved in energy conversion. Copper aids in production of connective tissue and is essential to the cardiovascular system. Manganese aids in skeletal growth, glucose utilization and pancreatic function. Medicine Bag Complete contains a proprietary blend of protein, lysine and vitamins A, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, folic acid, B6, B12, D3, E and K.

Our proprietary blend of probiotics are some of the strongest and most beneficial.  They are fed by billions of microorganisms present in MBC, making it truly one of the most effective nutritional supplements on the market today.

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