Medicine Bag

I use Medicine Bag because they share my same philosophies of using wholesome, natural products to feed horses what they’re meant to be eating.

Medicine Bag is packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from being grown in nutrient-rich soil, and I appreciate how much time and effort they’ve spent developing and analyzing their mixes. They’ve made formulas specifically to support tendons and ligaments, digestive care, and other specialized needs.

Their unique products help horses thrive at an optimum level, and are extremely high quality, natural products which is why I recommend them, and use them in my own custom horse diets.

Why I use Medicine Bag

The body functions best when vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes are available in the right form and at optimum levels. Medicine Bag goes beyond getting the right numbers on their guaranteed analysis, and focuses on the quality of ingredients too, down to the soils they’re grown in. To them, providing a digestible form of vitamins and minerals is important, because your horse needs some amino acids and enzymes in the right form they can use.

For instance, most products contain minerals in the carbonate form. Minerals in the carbonate form are absorbed at 8%, leaving 92% of it unusable. The chelated form is only slightly better with a 35% assimilation rate. In Medicine Bag they have amino acids attached to the chelate increasing them from 35% to approximately 85% assimilation rate. The effect upon the entire body and mind is substantial. Read more about bioavailability.

An added benefit? Because they put food in a form your horse can digest and use better, you end up feeding less of their product and saving a lot of money while reaping the benefits of better nutrition.