A natural wound, skin and hoof product

Well Horse resin was developed as a topical wound healing and skin fungus remedy for all animals by the founder, Certified Master Farrier, Coco Fernandez. Coco learned about the amazing healing powers of this Amazon Tree resin as a boy in his native country of Peru.

The active ingredient is “Dragon Blood” or the sap of the Croton Uechleri tree, found in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. The heart shaped leaves and the blood-like red sap speak to the abilities of this beautiful tree to heal wounds and cleanse the blood. The Flowers found high in the branches resemble the dragon’s head, thus the interesting name, as well as a symbol of its fierce healing ability.

The sap is rich in taspine, an alkaloid, known for its tissue and skin regeneration properties, which quickly stops bleeding and seals wounds. The high percentage of proanthocyanidins, which actually repair collagen, make Dragon’s Blood one of the most powerful antioxidants on our planet.

Medical research of Croton Uechleri has found that it contains anti-tumor and anti-bacterial properties. It also supports digestive and intestinal health.

Available Products

Well-Horse Sanitizer 16 oz.

Well Horse Sanitizer is a wound cleaner designed to be an alternative to other popular water based products. It kills 99.9% of known bacteria as tested by FDA and allows the wound to heal naturally.

It has a shelf live of 5 years and is effective if subjected to freezing or elevated barn temperatures.


Use two or three times daily until the condition is eliminated.

The difference between Well Horse Resin and Sanitizer products is that the Sanitizer kills the bacteria and allows the wound to heal naturally.

Well-Horse Healing Resin  2 or 4 oz.

Well-Horse healing resin is a resin to treat open wounds, cuts, skin fungus, insect bites, stings, itchy or irritated skin, bacterial infections, burns, allergies, hot spots or any other skin condition.

Well-Horse regenerates tissue on wounds by promoting the formation of new collagen. It also kills fungal and bacterial micro-agents on contact, without burning or irritating the skin.

Well-Horse resin or sap is a storehouse of phytochemicals including proanthocyanidins (antioxidants), simple phenols, diterpenes, phytosterols, and biologically active alkaloids and lignans.

It is made from a tree sap, sustainably harvested from the Amazon Rainforest.


Apply two coats directly onto the affected area once daily and allowed to dry. When applied it dries to create a protective barrier like a second skin. It promotes healing through cell generation and allows skin to heal without proud flesh or discolored hair. The resin is safe to use on any animal and is non-toxic and does not contain Iodine.

Please note: the resin is red and will temporarily stain the skin a reddish-brown, which will wash off.

Thrush Off   2 oz.

Many types of bacteria can cause Thrush, although “Fusobacterium necrophorum“ is often the host. This bacteria is anaerobic, which means that it survives without oxygen. It penetrates the soft tissue of the frog and can eat all the way to the sensitive tissue and into the digital plantar cushion and eventually into the navicular and coffin bones.

“Thrush Off” will not burn sensitive or live tissue such as the coronet band or an open wound. It will heal open wound tissue after it kills the bacteria on contact.


Remove the black necrotic (dead) tissue and clean the frog, cleft and sulcus (the grooves on either side of the frog) of the hoof.

Apply  “Thrush Off” by brushing the product deep into the frog and affected areas with a toothbrush.