Alfagreen Supreme

Primary Benefits of Alfagreen Supreme


More nutrient-dense than other types of grasses


More digestible energy than other grasses


High protein and calcium

Fewer sugars and starches


Why I use Alfagreen Supreme


Alfalfa pellets are one of the base ingredients I use when feeding my own horses and designing diets for my clients.

For athletic horses, it gives them the fuel they need to power their performance. Sometimes high metabolism horses can’t get enough nutrients by eating hay alone, as they get full and stop eating before they’ve gotten enough nutrients for their needs. Alfalfa packs in the vitamins and minerals quickly so the horse get the nutrients they need.

For horses with metabolic issues or insulin resistance, alfalfa has fewer sugars and starches than other grasses. If horses are lacking amino acids or certain vitamins, weight management is even harder. I feed alfalfa pellets to make sure that the essential nutrients are covered for all my horses.

For horses with gastric issues and chronic ulcers, the high calcium acts a buffer in the stomach which can help prevent ulcers from developing. Especially in performance horses, getting the right amounts of calcium is important so that when they’re working, the delicate stomach lining is protected. Using alfalfa is one of the ways I feed to prevent ulcers in horses.


Why I Believe in the Company


Alfagreen Supreme Company Culture

There are lots of alfalfa options out there, from bales of hay to cubes and pellets. But why I trust this brand above all others is because they produce the most superior quality alfalfa products according to the scientific data. The quality is consistent – I know that every bag is going to be the exact same as the next one, which is important to me as I carefully balance each horse’s diet. Alfagreen Supreme has been the leading supplier of dehydrated alfalfa products with more than 1OO+ years of research growing and producing alfalfa from their own seeds.

Their company has a simple philosophy which I also believe in – do what you say and say what you do.