Success Stories

Arielle and Jack

Arielle was born in Florida but moved to Lawrenceville, GA. She met Jack when she was volunteering during college at a local barn near Valdosta. He became her ‘project’ when the owner showed up less and less and he eventually became her horse as the owner could not take care of him any more…

The improvement in Jack has been incredible and the results speak for themselves! His coat looks shiny and feels soft and his weight is finally where we want it to be.

I took care of Jack for many months when the owner more or less left him to his own devices. I wanted to become a vet and had been volunteering at a local barn in south Georgia where he lived. He was in a pretty bad shape and I nursed him back to health.

Then I moved back home and brought Jack with me. He had changed a lot from being malnourished and severely underweight to a more normal and healthier looking horse. However, he started displaying some odd behaviours for no apparent reason including spookyness and head shaking and his feet were still in a terrible state.

In my research I found Karen and became interested in her approach and the products she recommends. I decided to give it a try. She helped me resolve the head shaking issue and we also transitioned his diet to a whole food, non-gmo diet.

The improvement in Jack has been incredible and the results speak for themselves! His headshaking is gone, his muscle tone has improved and his feet have become healthy and strong. He is barefoot and lives outside 24/7 without any issues. His coat looks shiny and feels soft and his weight is finally where we want it to be.

He is much more relaxed and less spooky as well! This is the happiest he has ever been!

I can honestly say that Karen was awesome. She’s unbiased in her product choices and only sells products that she truly believes in and uses on her own horses. Karen has been a huge help every step of the way and really cares about her clients. After looking into all the ingredients in commercial horse feeds, I was thrilled to find an organic feed plan for him that provides all the nutrition he needs without the fillers and GMO’s.

Karen is in it for the wellbeing of the horses and looks out for only the best for her clients.

Arielle Sabina
Lawrenceville, GA