Turtle Mountain Flax

What does Flax do for Your Horse? 


– Increases shine and coat health
– Supports mane and tail growth
– Protect joints and soft tissues
– Balances the immune system
– Improve circulation and vascular health
– Reduce skin and respiratory allergies
– Support normal digestion


Turtle Mountain Flax is a family owned and operated company that is committed to growing highest quality crops. They pride themselves in being the most reliable Cold Milled Flax Manufacturers in the Omega-3 feed industry. We provide the best cold milling to our local, regional and national clients. Our mission is to be a leader in the cold milled manufacturing industry by building long-standing relationships with retailers across the country and providing unsurpassed quality product to our clients.

What sets Turtle Mountain Flax Apart?

Turtle Mountain FlaxTurtle Mountain Flax is a family owned and operated company. The tradition of family farming endures to this day with a new generation of growers that are committed to growing highest quality crops available.

​The key is that when the whole flax seeds enter our mill at room temperature, they stay at room temperature while milled, and is packaged and stored at room temp away from any heat or light sources.

This milling process keeps all the nutrients and Omega-3 intact. This proprietary milling process does not crush, grind or separate the flax oil from the seed and keeps all the nutrients and Omega-3 intact. In essence, the ground product is the same as the seed, but in a more digestible and palatable form. This provides you with the absolute best quality of Omega-3 Cold Milled Flax, with a shelf life up to two years.​

Turtle Mountain Flax is always Non-GMO but also available in organic form.

Both are available in 25 lb or 5O lb bags.