Choose the appropriate page for more information on the following products. These products are all available through my company, and I use them personally for my own horse. They are my preferred products as the quality of them is superior to other products on the market at this time. They are all components in the Authentic Whole Food approach to feeding your horse.

Alfagreen Supreme

Founded in 1960, Alfagreen Supreme is a leading supplier of dehydrated alfalfa products. Alfagreen Supreme has more than a century’s worth of experience in growing and supplying dehydrated alfalfa to domestic and international markets. Through decades of hard work and innovation, their privately-held entity continues to seed success through enhanced products and service.

Their simple philosophy is to do what they say and say what they do. They offer premier products and service through their emphasis on seed to feed. This results in a satisfied retail customer purchasing finished feed from a leading feed manufacturer.

I offer their Organic Alfalfa pellets in 50 lb bags.

BioStar US

BioStar US Supplements formulates and provides specific Whole Food products for horses and dogs to support optimum performance and provide excellent health and nutrition in all life stages. The supplements are formulated in their own laboratories to provide the necessary nutrients lacking in commercial feed.

They are chemical and GMO free.

Coolstance Copra – by Stance Equine

CoolStance copra is a unique horse feed because it has low Non Structural Carbohydrates (NSC) and yet has a high digestible energy content. It is made from the white part of the coconut, which has been dried, baked and ground. CoolStance is packed with ‘cool’ energy from coconut oil and fibre from coconut meal. It is suitable for most horses and can be fed to maintain a natural state of gut health and insulin sensitivity, thus a normal metabolism.

It is a totally natural product and is chemical and GMO free.

Available in 44lbs bags.


Fiske’s is a multi functional hide & skin treatment as well as a hoof oil.

The salve and oil, are a great product for many difficult-to-manage skin and hoof conditions in horses. Quickly eases irritated skin, rashes, itching, ringworm, thrush, hoof rot, fungi, allergic reactions, hives, scratches, rain rot, hotspots, cuts, burns, lacerations, post surgical sites and so much more … You can use it on dandruff and itchy dry tails as it helps grow soft healthy manes and tails.

Cold Milled Stabilized Flax

Cold Milled Stabilized Flax, stabilized for longer freshness, non-GMO grown in ND available in 25 and 50 pound bags, both organic or conventional

A great source of omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory as well as a good source of fiber for improved gut function.

Flax will help your horses coat and hooves and is highly digestible when ground.

Organic Oats

USDA Certified whole Organic Oats, 50 pound bags.

Non-GMO and organically grown oats, to offer a source of highly digestible carbohydrates for your horse when he is in need of an energy source for fast muscle activity. The carbs from starches are used by the fast twitching muscle groups in the body, while the hulls from the oats form a source of dietary fiber and aid in gut motility.


Speedi-Beet is a quick soaking beet pulp flake made of GMO free sugarbeets, with no added molasses. It is 95% sugar free, contains no starch and is highly nutritious.

It is highly digestible and provides slow release energy.

Beetpulp is the ideal ‘carrier’ to mix other sources of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fats and even medicine. It acts as a prebiotic, due to the beet fibre and can help with rapid rehydration due to its capability to hold 5 times its weight in water.


Turmericle is a unique golden powder blend combines all the natural benefits of turmeric, coconut oil, ground black pepper and Equitec Performance Products’ star ingredient Resveratrol, in a convenient and easy to use powdered supplement form.