BioStar US

As I calculate a balanced diet for each horse, sometimes I need to add a supplement to fill in the gaps or to help horses that have special needs. That’s when I go to BioStar supplements.

They share my same values of using whole foods, and all of their supplements are made of the highest quality natural ingredients. There are no fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives in their supplements.

Compared to their competitors’ products, I sometimes have to feed only a tiny amount (a teaspoon, sometimes!) of BioStar supplements. Why? Because they don’t put fillers and other extras into their mixes to create needless volume. Everything they produce is pure and powerful, which is why I trust them.

Their company values closely align with my own – with a heavy focus on where each ingredient comes from, and how pure is the total mixture?

As I evaluate my own and my clients’ horses current diets, I use these supplements as a way to easily adjust the nutrients they are getting.

Especially when needs change (like when a horse enters riding age, starts to train and compete at higher levels, or develops metabolic diseases) high quality supplements are a great way to keep your horse balanced while being gentle on their gut.

If you want to have an expert evaluate your horse’s nutrition to make sure that there are no vitamin deficiencies or toxicities in your current feeding plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to me!