Speedi-Beet is a quick soaking beet pulp flake made of non-GMO sugarbeets, with no added molasses. It is 95% sugar free, contains no starch and is highly nutritious. It is highly digestible and provides slow release energy.

I use beet pulp as a base for many of my equine nutrition recipes because it is the ideal ‘carrier’ to mix other sources of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, fats or medication.


Why Fiber and Beet Pulp are so Helpful


The natural way to feed a horse is to supply as many nutrients as possible from fibrous feeds before adding anything else to the diet. Horses in nature eat a high-fiber diet because grasses and other forageables have a high fiber content. Horses stomachs and digestive tracts are only in balance when their diet is fiber-based, because the natural production of bacteria in the horse’s hindgut depends on fiber. So many health and behavior issues can be linked back to fiber issues.


Speedi-Beet is:

  • highly digestible, with probiotic benefits
  • soaked, 5 times its weight in water, offers rapid rehydration
  • 95% sugar free and contains no starch, great for Laminitis
  • provides slow release energy, no spikes in behavior/energy
  • helps food move smoothly through the digestive tract
  • reduces risk of colic, ulcers, and other stomach upsets
  • offers a way to give medicine and influence water intake


Guaranteed Analysis

Oil (%) 0.7
Protein (%) 9.0
Fibre (%) 16.0
Ash (%) 9.0
Sugar (%) 5.0
Starch (%) nil
DE MJ/kg 12
Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I feed my horse?

As a general guideline, feed 1OOg (approx. 3 oz.) of dry Speedi-beet per 4O lb. of horse weight or roughly 1 lb. for a 1OOO lb. horse. However, depending on activity level and body condition, as well as other feed stuffs given, this can be adjusted up or down. The most important thing is to provide the horse with plenty of forage as its main staple.

What is the correct water/beetpulp ratio?

The recommended proportion is one part of Speedi-Beet to five parts of water by weight.

Can I combine Speedi-Beet with other foods?

Speedi-Beet can be fed in conjunction with any feedstuff you would normally use. Whole grains (oats, barley) and forages can all be partially substituted with Speedi-Beet, depending on the horse’s requirements and activity. If you’re cutting back on commercial pelleted mixes however, you’ll need to support your horse with a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Why is Speedi-beet good for horses with laminitis?

One of the main causes of Laminitis is undigested starch. One of the major sources is undigested starch. Speedi-beet allows you to reduce starch in combined feed so there is less undigested starch. The chance of any undigested starch to reach the hindgut where it can start creating toxins is vastly reduced and the risk of Laminitis is lowered dramatically.