Guest Speaker – Tamera Cunningham

At the Whole Horse Seminar

Tamera Cunningham will be speaking about how barefoot trimming can help your horse thrive at our upcoming event at Four Oaks Equestrian, the Whole Horse Seminar. Get your tickets HERE.

About Tamera

Tamera Cunningham — Barefoot Trimmer — Owner of Flourish Farm

Tamera is a barefoot trimmer and self-proclaimed hoof nerd who is obsessed with helping horses attain healthy, strong, and functional hooves that support their lifestyles, whether that is pleasure, performance, or pasture. 

Spurred into action when her six-year-old OTTB, Victoria, was diagnosed with Navicular disease — and only after years of unsuccessful traditional interventions — Tamera took Victoria barefoot. Thus began a multi-year quest for soundness for Victoria and a learning journey for Tamera. Trimming, boots, casting, glue-ons, body work, nutrition, turnout and lots and lots of movement finally resulted in a sound horse.

Two years ago, after trimming her own and friends’ horses for many years, she took on her first client cases. Over the past 12 years, Tamera has taken clinics with and studied the work of Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson, Nic Barker at Rockley farm, Debra Taylor, DVM, Dr. Hilary Clayton, Dr. Robert Bowker, Paige Poss, Gene Ovnicek and others, but her true credentials are embodied in the health of the horses under her care. Never ending self-improvement is a primary focus for Tamera and the horses she encounters.