Guest Speaker – Dr. Amanda Cerniglia

At the Whole Horse Seminar

Dr. Amanda Cerniglia will be speaking about veterinary care from eastern and western roots in our upcoming event at Four Oaks Equestrian, the Whole Horse Seminar. Get your reservation HERE.

About Amanda

Dr. Amanda Cerniglia is a 2OO7 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and has since been providing equine veterinary services to Canton, GA and surrounding areas. She has been certified and licensed to perform equine chiropractic by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association since 2O12. Amanda completed her acupuncture training in 2O16 at the Chi Institute.

Dr. Cerniglia is the proud founder and owner of East West Veterinary Care, which she opened in 2O17, fully realizing her vision of holistic large animal practice.

She has always been passionate about using the best combination of treatments and therapies to achieve the highest results. Her philosophy of treating the whole horse has driven her to pursue knowledge and treatments from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres. Utilizing both types of medicine enables her to use very specific treatments tailored for each horse.

“With so many factors that can affect your horse’s health, a whole horse approach should always include preventative care. I’m so excited to speak at the Whole Horse Seminar and share with all of you my knowledge about harnessing the innate ability of the body to heal in order to achieve optimum health.”

Amanda and her husband Nick are the luckiest parents to be blessed with two beautiful and healthy children Thomas and Sophia. In their spare time, they enjoy playing family games, going camping, and watching movies.